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By guest, Aug 11 2015 02:32PM

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Feb 1 2017 05:45PM by Mary Ann Hinchey

I had to use this service to bail out my nephew, although I had the full amount of his bail in hand, 5,000 dollars, it was after hours and the court house was closed, so I was referred to this company. I gave the 5,000 dollars and was told I would get my money back once case is done, minus 10 % that they would get which I agreed to. Case was done , paperwork submitted, and a self addressed stamped envelope was provided, which was what I was told to return and I was told within 30 days I would recieved my check for 4,500 dollars, thirty days have come and gone and no check. I have called numerous times only to get answering machine, leave a message, and not once has my call been returned. I have made trips to the office which is an hour away from home, and no one there. I really liked Courtney when I first met her but I feel so disrespected and feel I am being ripped off. It is common courtesy to return phone calls. I just would like answers, is that too much too expect. Sincerely, Mary Ann Hinchey

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